Why my 3 year old daughter is getting wall art from Santa.

I’ve read the articles that say that having family photos on your walls boosts your children’s self esteem but it never hit home as much as when my three year old daughter composed her Christmas letter to Santa this year. We moved this summer and we are STILL trying to decide exactly where furniture is going so very few of our family portraits have made it back up onto the walls in our new house. My 3 year old must have noticed (and missed) the missing pictures because this is what her Christmas letter looked like.


The third thing on her wish list after a Rapunzel game and an Ariel dress is “a picture of me for on my wall.” As a child of a photographer she gets her picture taken a lot, and she doesn’t always (often) cooperate for those photography sessions but this third item on her list tells me that when I take her picture she feels special. She has an appreciation for that art that features her on the walls of our home. Our first thing on our to-do list for the new year is to get that wall art back up onto the walls, starting with this float mount collage that Santa is bringing her for on the wall in their new bedroom.


If you need new portraits on your walls to make your kids feel special too I would love to talk with you to plan a session!


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